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Asian GangsAsian gangs have existed for many years since the time of the Triads, Tongs, Yakuza, or Boryokudan both in the Far East and here in this country, including Washington State. After the Vietnam War and the fall of Saigon in 1975, many Southeast Asians became refugees to escape the Communists. Khmer also escaped from the "Killing Fields" of Cambodia. Many Lao and Hmong people also felt trapped in their home countries. Many fled to nearby Thailand, and later came to the U.S. as the "Boat People". Refugee Camps were also set up in the Phillippines, Hong Kong, Guam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. They settled in large and medium size communities here and learned from Black and Hispanic gangs as well as the traditional Asian crime groups. They formed protection social groups from these gangs, and later, became predatory groups. They will usually prey on their own communities in such crimes as "Home Invasion Robberies" and are also big into car theft and extortion.

Today, we see the result of these dynamics in communities across our nation. They are very mobile and move around the country where they may join a gang by the same gang or hook up with a different group. Some of the major Asian gangs are: Tiny Rascal Gangsters (TRG), Asian Boyz (ABz), Viet Boyz (VBz), Young Oriental Troop (YOT), Oriental Play Boyz (OPB), Men of Destruction (MOD), Seattle Boyz (SBz), and Oriental Loko Boyz (OLBz), Oriental Fantasy Boyz (OFBz), etc. Pacific Islanders do not like to be called Asian as P.I. gangs generally are different.

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