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HooversThese Crips were founded about 1968 by Raymond Washington (8/15/53-8/9/79) and his crime partners from the East Side (of Interstate-110) in South Central Los Angeles. Washington originally started up a gang called the "Baby Avenues", but after he got into a beef with one of the older Aves., he decided to start his own gang called the "Crips". By 1971, Stanley "Tookie" Williams (12/29/53-12/13/05) from the West Side (of Interstate-110) who had been hanging out with another gang called the "Gladiators", joined Washington and the "Crips" started really expanding in the L.A. area. There was no historical figure named "Hoover Joe" that started the Hoover Crips according to L.A. Police files or OG's I've interviewed or spoken with in California Prisons, this is just another "Urban Legend".

Some Hoovers (named after a main street in L.A.) may call themselves Crip (i.e. 52 Hoover Crip Gang) or stress their independence and will often use "Criminals" instead of Crip and wear more orange than blue. There are various Hoover sets like 52, 74, 83, 92, 94, 107, etc. Crips will fight and kill other Crips. Today, many Hoovers will write "CK" for Crip Killers or "BK" for Blood Killer. They may use "AK" for Anybody Killer or "EK" for Everybody Killer. While in the Mid-West and East Coast they may align with Black Gangster Disciples, this is not always true either, in some cases Crips and BGD’s will fight too. Do not confuse Hoovers with the Gangster Disciple leader named Larry Hoover. GD's started in Chicago, the gang called Hoovers started in L.A. There are also Hoovers in Fresno, CA. They very active in King County/Seattle, WA, and can be found in other parts of the U.S.

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