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Welcome to
Gang Prevention Services
Bringing Gang Awareness to our communities via Prevention, Intervention, and Suppression.
Gabriel MoralesI am Gabriel Morales. I have worked in the area of gang prevention and intervention, both in the adult and juvenile system, for over 30 years. My experience includes working with at-risk kids in Seattle, in suburbs, rural areas, and L.A. youth gang diversion programs. I worked many years as a Correctional Peace Officer at Folsom State Prison in California, as well as classifying and dealing with violent offenders in the jail setting of a large urban city and as a staff supervisor.

Throughout my website, in my training classes, and in my books, I have tried to present as many gang prevention issues and resources as possible for people to explore:

  • What motivates a youngster to join a gang and be self-destructive?
  • How do you divert youth away from negative activity and into legitimate pursuits?
  • How do we protect ourselves as a community?
I hope that all of our web pages will help answer these and other difficult gang related questions.
Gang Prevention Services Training Events
While Gang Prevention Services has produced or assisted with academic studies, most of our instructors work the front lines, they are practitioners. We also don’t bring in the same speakers or teach the same subjects year after year, we mix it up to bring you the most updated information on a variety of topics presented by some of the best subject matter experts in the world!
Gang Prevention Services Gang Profiles
Gang Prevention Services gang profiles are just a general overview of some of the major security threat groups, it is not a complete listing of all gangs throughout the U.S.. There are always exceptions from area to area so the information contained is just a very general rule of thumb. If you have more information to add to our gang profiles please contact us and we will consider it for inclusion.
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